Dog aggression is a topic of intensive study as many people are curious to learn about dog tendencies to behave a certain way. Genetics plays a big part in how dogs behave, but the environment they are subject to will also factor in. 

Choosing a dog breed that can be suitable for your family situation, which could include kids and the elderly, is crucial. This is where people look for dogs that are sweet and affectionate. Dogs that make loving companions for families that have infants, children, and other animals require dogs that can blend in easily. 

Sourcing a dog from a reputable breeder will result in a predictable pattern of how they behave. Mixed breeds can carry a varied number of characteristics, given their double-breed genetics. They are also prone to being wild cards, requiring careful dog ownership and a willingness to understand their personalities. 

Top 5 Peaceful Dogs

If you are looking for dog breeds that are the least prone to aggression, we are listing 5 of the least aggressive dog breeds that will make gentle companions for young and old. You can also safely expect the breeds mixed with these top 5 dogs to be tame and sociable.

Golden Retrievers

This Scottish gundog has been the most popular choice for families and individuals who are looking for a companion who can be friendly, gentle, and sociable. They are medium to large-sized dogs with a lot of heart. They love their owners and enjoy spending most of their time with their families and kids or playing outside. 

Golden Retrievers also have an endearing, mischievous streak that makes them fun-loving and goofy puppers to own. They are extremely loyal and have an eager-to-please nature. This makes them trainable and suitable as service or therapy dogs. The American Kennel Club describes them as dogs that take a “joyous and playful approach to life and maintain this puppyish behavior into adulthood.”

Labrador Retrievers

The labrador retriever is playful, energetic, and gentle. They are the quintessential pet of the average dog-loving family. This iconic family dog is very gentle with children, loves to spend time outdoors, and has a sociable nature. Their eyes glimmer with a sort of kindliness that adds to their already gentle demeanor. 

They require exercise and proper training to get rid of pent-up energy. They are prone to becoming destructive when not given ample play time or bored. Yet they are not given to aggressive behaviors like biting, barking, growling, or nipping. 

Saint Bernards

The gentle giants that they are, Saint Bernards, are calm and peace-loving dogs. They enjoy accompanying their owners literally anywhere. Like most other large-sized dogs, they need enough outdoor space to shed their energy. They are known to thrive in places where they have physical stimulation through daily tasks to complete. 

They do have a mischievous streak which can remain in their nature if they are allowed to grow older without training. A firm obedience training can help you make your Saint Bernard become the gentle giant it is known to be if you adopt it as a puppy. The AKC calls them the “genial giant of the Swiss Alps.”


These large dogs with soft hearts are instantly recognizable with their fluffy black fur, stately build, and friendly expression. They are intelligent, easy to train, and are loyal to their families. Most notably, they are highly protective and gentle around children. They will tolerate small animals and children being all over them. 

These dogs are sociable and are not too bothered by other dogs or pets in your house. This makes them an ideal choice for families with large yards and swimming areas. Their breed standard says “that a sweet temperament is the "most important single characteristic of the breed." Newfoundlands are pretty easy to train. They respond very well and adapt to most situations. 

Bernese Mountain Dogs

The Bernese Mountain is exactly the opposite of what its large size may suggest. They are docile, gentle, and hard-working in nature. They are highly suitable for families that own large outdoor areas for them to run around. They are known to thrive in places where they receive physical stimulation of daily tasks and chores to complete. 

Bernese Mountain dogs may look imposing, but they are not threatening. They maintain an aloof dignity among strangers. This breed is patient with children and is loving in nature. They love being involved in everything their family does. You could, however, notice them gently herding smaller members of the family, given their genetics. 

Wrapping Up

You may wonder why there are only 5 dogs mentioned in a list of all the sweetest dog breeds. The others that are not mentioned are no less gentle or affectionate. Dogs are exactly what their owners make them to be. But there are dogs that do not find family living, especially around children, suitable for their nature. They either get overwhelmed or injured trying to blend in.

Responsible and caring ownership will make any breed the best in the world. Try adopting instead of buying these beautiful creatures as they wait in rescue homes for shelter and love. 

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